Simply Anglican:

An Introduction to an Ancient Faith for Today

Get your excerpt of Simply Anglican for free and discover what an ancient tradition offer today’s world. Far from being a faith of the past, Anglicanism presents a rich spiritual tradition that has matured into a worldwide movement of Christians on every continent.

If you're interested in learning more about the Anglican tradition, Simply Anglican is the clear and charitable guide you've been waiting for. Winfield Bevins provides an accessible overview of Anglican history, theology, and worship. With discussion questions and recommended reading at the end of each chapter, plus a glossary of terms in the back, this book is the ideal introduction to Anglicanism!

Winfield Bevins, Simply Anglican

"Anglicanism presents a rich spiritual tradition that has matured into a worldwide movement of Christians on every continent. The Anglican tradition offers a refreshing alternative to our postmodern world by helping us reconnect to the historic Christian faith in a way that speaks to our present age."

Winfield Bevins is a “liturgical missiologist” whose passion

is to help others connect to the roots of the Christian faith

for discipleship and mission. Having grown up in a free-

church background, Winfield eventually found his spiritual 

home in Anglicanism and is passionate about helping 

others understand the beautiful tradition. 

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“Anglicanism, all the cool kids are doing it, but what is it precisely? In Simply Anglican, Winfield Bevins provides an easy to read explanation of Anglicanism, its history, theology, and liturgy. A recommended read for anyone considering becoming Anglican or who wants to know why so many young people are joining Anglican churches.”

Michael F. Bird

Academic Dean and Lecturer in Theology, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

“If you are considering joining the Anglican communion, this is the book. If you are in need of a refresher about the Anglican communion, this is the book. Here we get worship, liturgy, prayer, theology, and history — along with living the Christian life — in a short, accessible book. At all levels, this book commends itself as an introduction to the Anglican faith.”

The Rev. Canon Dr. Scot McKnight

Professor of New Testament, Northern Seminary

“This is a book I’ve been waiting for! I’ve come to appreciate Anglicanism as a steward of the treasury of early Christian faith and practice. While many are discovering this for themselves, others long to know where to start. Bevins gives a warm, concise, and accessible outline of Anglican history, faith, and worship. But this is much more than an introduction; it is an invitation into a beautiful faith.”

Glenn Packiam

Pastor, New Life Downtown, Author, Blessed Broken Given

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